• Digital Strategy

    Digital Strategy

    We believe the key to a successful digital strategy is to first listen to our clients. We like to learn where they are in their business today, find out their goals for the future, and suggest a way to get there that is congruent with their business strategy.

    • Communication strategies
    • Social media strategies
    • Digital brand strategies
    • Analysis
    • Trendwatching
    • Planning
  • User Experience Design

    UX Design

    Our solutions are ultimately about creating a positive User Experience. Our designs are user-centric - arrived at through multiple rounds of wireframing, prototyping, testing, listening to users, and constant iteration. User Experience describes how a person feels when interacting with a website or application and we go to great lengths to ensure that we get it right.

    • Human computer interaction
    • Information architecture
    • Wireframe/Prototypes
    • User scenarios
    • Usability testing
    • Iterative design
  • Visual Design

    Visual Design

    Visual Design communicates on a subtle, yet powerful, level that inspires a user to respond. It is integral to any digital project as it's the design that invites users in and promotes trust. We try to express the ethos of our clients in our designs by crafting beautiful and usable interfaces that convey their message effectively. The resulting designs are as diverse as the solutions we create.

    • Branding
    • Website design
    • Online applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Digital interfaces
  • Development


    We know that managing data in a sophisticated and logical manner is the foundation for developing compelling web and mobile solutions. The skilled team of Microsoft developers at Efinity work closely with the stakeholders and designers to bring the vision to life. At Efinity we use the leading .NET content management systems (CMS) from around the world from Kentico and Umbraco which are renowned for their ease of use and flexibility for your website and they power some of New Zealand's largest websites!

    • Web Development
    • Mobile development
    • Ecommerce
    • SAAS - Software as a service
    • HTML(5)/CSS
    • JQuery & Javascript
    • Database development
    • CMS
  • Support


    We understand that managing a website can require support. Our dedicated and friendly New Plymouth-based support team is easily contactable by phone or email. This allows us to ensure that all of our work continues to perform the way it should.

    • Phone Support
    • Email Support
    • CMS Training
    • Off-site Support
  • SEO


    Your website needs to be easy to find. We aim to understand our clients' business, their target market and what their users will search for. We optimise our sites with friendly designs and good clean code to provide our clients the search engine exposure their business needs. Search Engine Optimisation is an essential part of our offerings and is considered in all aspects of our work. We have many years of insight into search engine functionality to help us get the best results for search visibility.

    • Key word research
    • Link optimisation and building
    • In-page SEO
    • Analytics
    • Domain strategy
    • Specialist content writing
  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing

    Online marketing should not interfere with a user's experience. Instead, it should engage them as part of their usual online conversation. Promoting a product or business online can be approached from many angles. At Efinity we take our clients through the options, discussing the pros and cons of each marketing device. Once a plan is created, we measure all marketing placements, making recommendations and tweaks along the way to continually improve the results.

    • Google adwords
    • Online banners
    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Search engine marketing
    • Measuring
    • Pay Per Click
  • Hosting


    We offer affordable, secure hosting to our clients and others that need hosting for their online solutions. We offer many levels of hosting solutions that will suit both price and performance needs. Please contact us to find out more.