• Kevin Best
    Managing Director

    Kevin Best
    Kevin Best is the founding Director of Efinity. Kevin formed Efinity as a result of his experiences from implementing a website solution while he was the Sales & Marketing Manager for Genesis Energy. The Genesis experience left him believing there was a gap in the market for a specialist web services company that specifically focussed on business outcomes rather than just technology or design. Apart from his marketing role at Genesis, Kevin has been a business manager at Powerco Ltd where he was responsible for the development & implementation of the successful Home Power Prepayment Metering System and the Energy Centre remote kiosk-based transaction system. Outside of technology Kevin can be found at various football venues around the region, either watching his children, playing or coaching the next generation of wannabe All Whites.
  • Sonny Fernando
    Managing Director

    Sonny Fernando
    Sonny Fernando is a Director of Efinity. He has been with Efinity for over 9 years. He has a strong background in strategy, business development, general management and sales & marketing. His two prior roles to joining Efinity were Commercial Manager Pharmaceutical Excipients for Fonterra, a member of Fonterra’s global strategy team for growth business, and Country Manager New Zealand BASF Pharmaceuticals. Sonny has a passion for delivering world class solutions online for the benefit of Efinity clientele. Sonny along with his team conceived of and delivered Trackitenergy.com that has been a significant advancement in online and digital technological use for the petrochemical sector in managing people and assets. He has the ability to sit alongside clients and work with their business plans in order to translate these into online strategies that work within the resources constraints that are available to the client.
  • Davina Best

    Davina Best
    Davina is married to Kevin Best and is one of the owners of Efinity. She has been instrumental in keeping the back-end financial and business processes operating correctly for the last 16 years. Davina & Kevin have 3 beautiful children who they dedicate a great deal of their lives towards and they enjoy the company of their family and friends and many sporting and social activities.
  • Aaron Taylor
    Senior Back End Developer

    Aaron Taylor
    Aaron has been at Efinity since the start of 2012 after being drawn to New Zealand from the UK. He holds a BSc Honors Degree in Computer Science from the University of Essex and is a specialist in back-end development using the Microsoft technology stack. He is a keen problem solver and is adept at seamlessly integrating solutions with external software and services. His careful attention to detail and expert advice throughout the development process results in effective and innovative solutions. In his spare time, Aaron likes to play and watch soccer (or ‘football’ as he is very keen to correct), as well as keep up to date with the latest technological trends.
  • Chris LaFranchie
    Senior Back End Developer

    Chris LaFranchie
    Chris has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and brings strong experience in finance, inventory and enterprise level applications to the Efinity team. He has worked with Taranaki businesses such as TSB Bank, Tenderlink and Fitzroy Engineering. Chris has a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences degree from Waikato University. He is a practical problem solver that is driven to find the right solution for each problem. When Chris is not at work he can be found somewhere down the coast surfing, fishing or windsurfing.
  • Christian Harsana
    Senior Front End Developer

    Christian Harsana
    Chris, originally from Indonesia, was a web designer wannabe who finally found his niche in front-end (FE) development: an area where he can enjoy engineering great designs and with a focus on continuous improvement and innovation. He has been with Efinity since the end of 2009 after finishing his Masters degree in Computer and Information Sciences from AUT University. Specialising in HTML, CSS, and JQuery, he also has a keen eye for usability, accessibility, and FE optimisation. He enjoys reading about design and sports, playing basketball, as well as keeping up to date with his 2 favourite teams: Utah Jazz and AC Milan. When not at work, his little boy keeps him on his toes.
  • James Pritchard
    Senior Project Manager

    James Pritchard
    James is a senior project manager with experience onboarding large global Oil and Gas companies onto Trackit Energy. He specializes in digital transformation and acts as the focal point between our clients and our development staff. James has a strong passion for excellence and enjoys the odd mince pie.
  • Johan Nugraha
    Back End Developer

    Johan Nugraha
    Johan joined the Efinity team soon after earning his MCIS from AUT with flying colors and has been with Efinity since 2015, bringing insights into the latest trends in technology. Prior to Efinity, Johan has worked in the commodity finance field in Singapore for 4 years, developing a high-performing, scalable, enterprise system for managing high value international trades. Johan is a keen learner and has experience working with various web technology stacks, such as Oracle and Microsoft technologies, and most recently with mobile app development. He is primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the wide-ranged digital solutions that Efinity provides to its customers. Johan is an ardent lover of chocolate and plays piano in his free time.
  • Ildika Tamasi
    Design/UX Lead

    Ildika Tamasi
    Ildika is passionate about searching and discovering user's needs and finding the best design solution that leads them towards achieving their goals, either it's a functional improvement or a new feature. She's passionate to have conversations with users and customers to validate if her design concept really works for them. She trusts in a design thinking approach, agile and iterative development process, all that effectively support refining the design solution in small steps. She's also a CSS/JS enthusiast, her technological understanding of software UI provides a solid base to her designs.
  • Mitchell Fenwick
    Backend Developer & Help Desk Support

    Mitchell Fenwick
    Mitchell joined the team midway through 2019 after completing his Computer Science degree from the University of Canterbury. He found his passion for web development late 2018 and begun learning as much as he can, focusing now on technologies such as C#, .NET MVC framework, Umbraco CMS, SQL, and javascript. He also takes care of the support channel and communicates with Efinity's clients.
  • Zak Patterson
    Back End Developer

    Zak Patterson
    Zak Patterson worked at Efinity from December 2018 to September 2019 as a backend developer, Zak unexpectedly passed away in September 2019 and we will always remember our friend Zak as a gifted developer, kind, funny, hardworking and charming, RIP.